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Our Services

Totally dedicated to serving the needs of the disadvantaged and handicaps, Abhinaa with its team of motivated, dedicated and quality oriented professionals remains engaged in the following activities.

  • Educating and preparing the physically challenged to live within the community as normal citizens having achieved three-fold independence – physical, social and financial- to the best of their abilities.
  • Providing therapy and counselling appropriate to their needs.
  • Providing expert legal advocacy to the children, youth and their families.
  • Utilizing science/technology to facilitate their physical and mental growth.
  • Conducting critical research in key areas of special education and training of physically challenged.
  • Actively contributing to programs towards building social awareness through appropriate media (conferences, telefilms, TV, seminars, literature, etc).
  • Contributing to the training and development of manpower in the field of special education of disadvantaged members of the society.
  • Establishing and promoting mutually beneficial relationships with international organizations which have similar objectives.