About Us

Abhinna, which in Sanskrit means the inseparable, identical or the ONE is a non-profit, non- government voluntary Organization for empowering the differently abled ones facing the socio economic challenges of society. With a team of dedicated, Proficient SME’s and Professionals from various walks of life, we undertake projects that not just rehabilitate and improve the basic needs and skills of the differently abled ,but instill confidence that makes them feel in unison with the rest of the society.

Starting from a mere singular effort, we have grown into a social movement which celebrates and treasures the importance of an ‘Identical’ social structure. We listen, observe, evaluate the differently abled from the inside, empower them with best practices and research at the highest level. Our ideology revolves around building sustainable models of skill development for differently abled.

Abhinna, with a team of professionals, works with a common zeal of eradicating indifference towards the differently abled.

Why is Abhinna different?

Societies around the world have transformed and matured in its travel of addressing the not so lucky people as Physically Handicapped, to Physically Disabled, to differently abled. But, Abhinna realizes that it’s a job half done and always works to go beyond that.

In Abhinna, It’s a commitment that everybody works as a family to realize a long esteemed dream of uplifting , enabling the differently abled for competing along with the society for economic , Social independence and self-reliance. At Abhinna, this idea is like oath for a social revolution, where by differently abled people are recognized, cared, nurtured and equipped with skills thus enabling them to move towards this ‘ONE’ness .

Abhinna always lives up to its idea of ‘inseparable’ ,where by no society is complete without the ’inclusion’ of the differently abled irrespective of the caste, creed , religion, sex or colour. Thus, by involving individuals and Organizations to work for aims and objectives of Abhinna, we are racing towards a society that stands in our name -- ABHINNA.

Our Vision
  • To empower the physically challenged individuals by making them economically independent.
  • By developing participation and imparting skills and talents through vocational training.
  • By creating awareness and sensitivity in society to integrate them with the main stream.
  • By promoting activities that will allow them to be self-sustaining.
  • By striving hard for National and International recognition of the challenges faced by them.
Our Mission
  • To utilize all resources and developmental model to alleviate the sufferings of the physically and mentally challenged persons.
  • To collaborate with the corporate sector in their CSR for the training, placement and rehabilitation.
  • To organize camps in rural areas to provide mobility aids and appliances for self-sufficiency.
  • To enhance computer literacy and other vocational skills for their economic rehabilitation and self-reliance
Our Patrons And Guides
  • Dr. Avadhanulu ( Scientist)
  • Dr. Avantika Saxena ( Research Guide )
  • Dr. Budale Bhomikk ( Medical Practitioner )
  • Dr. PKC Upadhayay ( International Health care )
  • Dr. Hiten Mehta ( Research Scientist )
  • Dr. Upkaar Malpani ( Research Scientist )
  • Dr. Zubin Uffra ( Medical Practitioner )
  • Mr. Abraham Silva ( CA CS )
  • Mr. Krupa Chander Ramsay ( Advocate & Social reformer )
  • Ms. Tamanna Thakur ( Advocate & Coach )
  • Ms. Asha Latha ( Teacher & Dancer )
  • Ms. Ashwarya Halola ( Social Activist)
  • Mr. Sharma ( Retd. Import Export Profesional)
  • Mr. Amit Sharma ( Logistics Head )
  • Mr. Gopal Suryanarayan Dikshitlu ( Therepist for recovering Alcoholics)
  • Mr. Vivekanandadu K ( Recruitment consultant & Social Thinker )
  • Mr. Anuridh Sharma ( catalyst & amalgamation professional )
  • Ms. Shruti Gayatri ( Model, Actress & upcoming Business Manager)
  • Mr. Kamaraju . N ( Head Supply chain management )
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar ( International affairs and Technical Consultant)
  • Mr. Murali ( CA CS )
  • Mr. Sujan Reddy ( Advocate )
Current Activities
Volunteering Opportunities
  • One day activity on Weekends
  • Fun activities(cricket games, outdoor & indoor games, instant cooking, movie facilitation, visit to a mall)
  • Interview mock sessions
  • CV writing
  • Tactile making
  • Role model sessions
  • One day training for candidates
  • Once a month regular Programs
  • Registration
  • At stall with games
  • Company environment and corporate behavior
  • Other Areas
  • Candidate's initial hand holding at the companies placed by us
  • Volunteers recourse for EI services(Sign language interpretation, Peer sensitization, use of age WPS, counseling)
  • Weekly/ Weekend Regular Program
  • Counseling
  • Case study
  • Retention
  • Computer training
  • English training
  • Documentation
  • Content writing
  • Candidate relation officer
  • Aptitude training
  • Data entry/EPR
  • Company environment and corporate behavior
  • Workshops

Here are the opportunities to make a difference! Choose your area of interest and start by registering with us. Individuals OR companies for CSR who are interested in volunteering are requested to mail volunteering@abhinna.org